Month: February 2020

‘I love to write and I feel very uncomfortable if I’m away from writing’: Delve into the world of critically acclaimed and bestselling crime writer Dervla McTiernan

She’s known for her crime stories which have readers second guessing who the killer is. And it appears Dervla McTiernan’s critics weren’t wrong about her critically acclaimed and bestselling murder mystery series, which includes The Ruin and The Scholar. Her third novel, …

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Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Tristaniopsis laurina Common Name: Water Gum Family: Myrtaceae Meaning: Tristaniopsis: From Jules MC Tristan, a French botanist. laurina: From Latin inus and laurus, referring to the resemblance of Laurel-like leaves. Habitat: Moist sandstone gullies and mountain valleys along creeks and rivers. …

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