Explore the great outdoors with The Hills Shire’s newest bushwalks

From cheeky cockatoos feasting on beautiful native blooms to vibrant Grevilleas and Water Gums adding pops of colour to the native scenery – there’s plenty to see and do if you know where to look.

And to help you discover these hidden local gems, The Hills Shire Council has released 12 bushwalks maps, which you can access online.

Just visit The Hills Shire Council website, www.thehills.nsw.gov.au, and search for ‘Bushwalks in The Hills’.

There you will find 12 downloadable PDFs which explain everything about the walks, as well as easy-to follow maps.

The walks include:

Heritage trail (Baulkham Hills):

This walk goes through the Headwaters of Toongabbie Creek, which was the earliest settlement in Baulkham Hills.

Distance: 6.4 km;

Grade: Easy;

Time: Two and a half to three hours.

Burraga Track (Bidjigal Reserve):

Water pools, flowing streams, sandstone gullies and woodland are just some of the great things you will see on the Burraga Track.

Distance: 4.5 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate with some steep ascents and descents;

Time: Two and a half hours.

Heritage Park (Castle Hill):

Here you will explore the site of the former Convict Farm established in 1801 and scene of the Rebellion of 1804.

Distance: 2.4 kilometres;

Grade: Easy to medium. There are two steep hills;

Time: One and a half hours.

Wildflower Walk (Cranstons Road Middle Dural)

Expect to see district views, a variety of Sydney’s distinctive wildflowers and if you are lucky – a glimpse of a swamp wallaby during the Wildflower Walk in Middle Dural.

Distance: 3.5 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate. Steep ascent and descent;

Time: One and a half hours.

Forest Walk (Cumberland State Forest):

Enjoy walking through Cumberland State Forest – the only urban forest in Australia. A feature of this walk is the tall native trees and Cabbage Tree Palms. As well as gullies and ferns, there is plenty of birdlife to also see in the forest.

Distance: 1.8 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate;

Time: One and a half hours.

Geebung Walk (Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill):

There is a large variety of native plants growing in the reserve which means you will see plenty of wildflowers in most months of the year, as well as many species of birds which feed on them. Plus, you will have the opportunity to venture through Sydney Sandstone Transition Forest and the Sydney Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland.

Distance: 3.6 kilometres. Shorter sections of the walk can be undertaken if preferred;

Grade: Easy to Medium;

Time: Two hours.

Knightsbridge Circuit (via Fred Caterson Reserve):

This walk follows a route through the significant bushland corridor in Fred Caterson and Fullers Road Reserves between Castle Hill and Glenhaven. The area is rich in diverse local flora and birdlife.

Distance: 4.9 kilometres;

Grade: Easy to moderate;

Time: Two and a half hours.

O’Hara’s Creek Walk (Kenthurst):

Enjoy a lovely walk along a sandstone ridge with significant sandstone ridge top vegetation and down into a valley of tall trees. You can also find a large variety of local wildflowers and you will have the opportunity to take in the district views.

Distance: 6.2 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate includes 95 metre ascent and descent;

Time: Two and a half hours.

Platypus Track (Eric Mobs Reserve/ Castle Hill):

This walk provides the opportunity to lap up views of the Coachwood and Excelsior Creeks and then a walk along the shady valleys of these creeks amongst ferns and Coachwood Trees.

Distance: 2.2 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate (some steep slopes, two creek crossings on stepping stones);

Time: One and a half hours.

 Bushland Corridors at Rouse Hill:

An early farm house, original land grants, a mysterious grave, remnant bushland including Forest Red Gum Woodland and Heathland, waterways and water birds are just some of the things you will see while completing this walk through Rouse Hill.

Distance: 4.4 kilometres;

Grade: Easy;

Time: Two hours.

Stevenson Creek (Excelsior Reserve/ Baulkham Hills):

This walk is one of the more challenging walks in The Hills Shire. Here you will see beautiful creek valleys, sandstone shelters and some sandstone heath land.

Distance: 3.3 kilometres;

Grade: Moderate. Some steep sections and three creek crossings on stepping stones;

Time: Two hours.

Waterfall Walk (West Pennant Hills/ Richard Web Reserve):

This walk follows Darling Mills Creek to the only waterfall in The Hills through pretty native scenery including tall Blue Gums, sandstone gullies and wildflowers.

Distance: 3.4 kilometres or 3.1 kilometres without the additional loop;

Grade: Moderate;

Time: One and a half to two hours.

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