Celebrate Australia Day with Hi-5 at Bella Vista Farm

Focus caught up with Jacqui, Dani and Jarrod from children’s entertainment group Hi-5 ahead of their Australia Day appearance at Bella Vista Farm to chat about everything from singing and dancing, to what Australia day means to them!

What can audiences expect from your Australia Day performance?

Jacqui: Singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun! Which you will LOVE watching your little ones joining in on.

Dani: Audiences can expect a whole lot of fun, energy and LOVE!

Jarrod: A lot of singing and dancing, plus plenty of fun with all of you! I also get to be a hairy fairy at one point and bring out my inner rocker which is wicked!

What does Australia Day mean to you?

Jacqui: Celebrating the coming of together of many cultures to shape a diverse Australia that we can be proud of.

Dani: Australia Day to me, is about the celebration of being privileged enough to live in such a beautiful country, and sharing that with family and friends.

Jarrod: A day to celebrate being an Aussie and living in such a beautiful country. I’m so blessed to have grown up in one of the most amazing places!

How did you end up in Hi-5?

Jacqui: I auditioned a few years ago but didn’t make it in. SO when the opportunity arose again I could’t resist and sent in an audition video and ended up having to quit my teaching job to tour through Singapore and the Philippines with these beautiful people!

Dani: I grew up idolising Hi-5,  and when I heard they were holding auditions I jumped at the opportunity, submitted a self tape, and a month later I was touring Singapore with four other incredibly talented people!

Jarrod: I came across an Audition notice that Hi5 had posted on the internet so I just sent in an audition video and hoped for the best! Fortunately I was lucky enough to have been cast with some pretty amazing people. I’m having an absolute blast performing with this bunch and partying with all the awesome boys and girls at all of our shows here and overseas! You guys rock!

What’s your favourite part of being a part of a children’s performance group?

Jacqui: The joy you get from watching Children dancing and singing along, they are so free and happy!

Dani: My absolute favourite thing about being part of a children’s performance group is getting to see and perform to so many happy and smiling faces. Its the best feeling watching the kids sing and dance along with you, and it’s special to be able to bring so much joy to them.

Jarrod: It allows me to be a big kid myself! It’s the only time I can bring out the four year old version of me without looking silly! Plus it is pretty much the coolest thing in the world being able to sing and dance everyday.

What’s been your most memorable performance so far?

Jacqui: It has to be the Hi5 Supers Show, which we performed in the iconic Marina Bay Sands Theatre in Singapore. We got the opportunity to perform and work with some of the past Hi5s, who taught me so much in the short time we were with them. Seeing that many children at the shows totally immersed and joining us in adventures, songs and dances for two hours was simply amazing! It was an experience that I had never imagined could happen to me.

Dani: My most memorable performance so far was definitely getting the opportunity to perform the Supers Show at Marina Bay Sands, alongside Stevie and Tanika. It was crazy and all kinds of fun

Jarrod: There was so much energy from the HUGE crowd and we were all so hyped to go out there and smash it one last time before having a little rest. But we’re back and ready to make some more memorable performances with all of you!!

What’s next?

Jacqui: Keep an eye on hi5world Instagram to find out!!

Dani: Hopefully a lot more shows and tours with Hi-5 and the beautiful people I’ve gotten to meet and work with along the way.

Jarrod: There’s a few things in the works so stay tuned for updates! Hopefully we see you all very shortly for some more Hi5 shows!

Catch Hi-5 at Bella Vista Farm on Saturday, January 26, for Australia Day at The Farm.

Find out more on our website, www.thehills.nsw.gov.au.

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