USA Today’s bestselling women’s fiction author Kelly Rimmer is coming to The Hills

Kelly Rimmer has been named USA Today’s bestselling women’s fiction author of five novels.

And Hills Shire residents will have the opportunity to meet the avid writer during the Wild West Women’s Talk at Castle Hill Library on Tuesday, March 12.

Ahead of the talk, FOCUS was lucky enough to have a chat with the acclaimed author.

This is what Rimmer had to say about her career, her success and how others can attain their writing dreams:

Q) How did you get into writing novels?

A) I wanted to be a writer from a very young age, and as I got older, my stories just got longer and longer. I was writing novel length fiction in my mid-teens, although it was another twenty years before I was published. I loved writing and storytelling long before it was my job and long before I had any audience at all.

Q) Where do you draw inspiration for your stories?

A) Everywhere! News articles, my own experiences, things I witness, things I hear about second/third/fourth hand, books I read, books I wish I could read…the world is full of beautiful and difficult ideas and I am trying to learn to spot them as I travel through life.

Q) What is your writing process? 

A) It really depends on what I’m writing and where I’m up to in the process. When I’m writing a draft, I like to be around people so will often work in cafes or my library. When I’m editing, I often want silence and I generally don’t want to be interrupted so I’ll lock myself away in my office at home. I don’t have a daily schedule. When the words are flowing, I work very long hours, but other times, my schedule is relaxed and I spend more time thinking or reading. Every writing day looks different to me.

Q) Do you have any tips for people wanting to get into writing?

A) There’s no ‘wrong way’ to write, so my tip is just to start. Focus on small chunks of work – just write a page, or a scene, and you can build on that just by adding more small chunks. Also, aspiring writers should read widely – and not just within their preferred genre. You can learn something from every book you pick up if you ask yourself “why did I like this story? why not?”

Q) What do you hope people take away from your Wild West Women’s Author Talk?  

A) Kim and Alissa are brilliant writers and it’s an honour to be travelling around with them. I think people will love hearing them speak and I’m so proud that we can shine a light on the fantastic literary work happening on the other side of the mountains.

Q) How does it feel to be labelled a USA Today bestselling women’s fiction author of five novels?

A) Every now and again I have this moment of shock where I just cannot believe I’m really doing this! It still feels like a delicious dream.

Q) What are your thoughts on the book industry? Do you feel that people are reading more than ever with easy access to book apps and digital editions?

A) This is a wonderful time for books and readers (and writers!). There are so many avenues to finding an audience and so many brilliant books available that might never have been published before alternate routes to publication existed. I do think people are just as passionate about great stories as they always were, and I’m excited about the way the industry is changing.

Q) What’s next? Working on any new stories?

A) I’ve just finished the draft of my 2020 women’s fiction book which doesn’t yet have a title, but will be published sometime in early 2020. But I also have books in a new genre coming out later this year – for a change of pace, I’ve written a contemporary romance series. The first book – which is called Unexpected – will be published in Australia in May.

To see Rimmer live, book your place at the Wild West Women Writers Book Tour:

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