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Botanical Name: Hibbertia superans

Common Name: Hills Guinea Flower


Hibbertia: after the Italian botanist George Hibbert (1757-1837).

superans: Latin for ‘overtopping’ referring to the flowers and the new growth of the branches

Conservation Status: Endangered in NSW under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

Habitat: Woodland and heathland on sandstone ridgetops, usually near the boundary of shale and sandstone.

Habit: Low shrub to 30cm high.

Flowers: Yellow on the ends of branches.

Flowering time: July to December.

Seed : Has a fleshy appendage which attracts ants, encouraging them to disperse the seed.

Range: Baulkham Hills to Wisemans Ferry and Mount Boss near Kempsey, although not common.

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