Q & A with Ian Moss

As one of the greats of the Australian music industry, Ian Moss has plenty of experience under his belt when it comes to wowing crowds.

Having just returned from touring in the UK, he’s back and more ready than ever to give Australian audiences a stellar performance at The Hills Shire Council New Year’s Eve at The Farm.

Q: What can attendees of The Hills NYE celebrations expect from your upcoming performance?

A: Currently the Ian Moss band is a blues based heavy rock trio. Our attitude and style are an extension of the great tradition set by the 3 piece greats of the 60s. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck to name a few. But we are also very melodic. You’ll hear that in songs like Tucker’s Daughter, Telephone Booth, Such a Beautiful Thing, Choir Girl and Bow River. But we deliver these with attitude. Watch out for the brand new heart string tugger, Broadway!

Q: You’ve just returned from touring in the UK. How do audiences over there compare to Australian audiences?

A: The UK audiences were wonderfully attentive. I guess the fact that playing internationally, it’s early days for me. I’m aware that people may or may not know me so I like to walk out on to the stage and hit them hard. I demand their attention! I’ve got something to say. They realise this and listen. Australian audiences do too but they are more familiar with the material and are ready to party from the word go!

Q: What are the highlights of working as a solo artist?

A: As a solo artist you do have an amazing amount of flexibility. I can take the evening’s performance in any direction I want at the drop of a hat – as slick as a whistle! One night l may take a given line in a song and feel it needs to be whispered. Then the next I may feel it needs to be screamed. You can do that much more readily when you are performing solo.

Q: Can you describe your song making process? What projects are you working on at the moment?

A: I’m just about to release a brand new full band album on March 2nd titled . . . wait for it . . . Ian Moss!  They are all new songs in which I’m pleased to say, I had a major, major hand in writing! Making or writing these songs? For the most part the adage 1% inspiration, 99% hard work is pretty true. Some of the ideas are more than 20 years old! I went on a song-writing trip to Nashville in 2014 where the writing community is so strong and inspiring. I wrote with a different person every day for the time I was there and saw all these great ideas that had been lying moribund on the wrong side of the finish line for so long, all romp home for a gold medal! Lyrics are always the hardest. It would so easy to cop out and kind of just sing anything. But I persevered and made sure that every last syllable meant something to me!

Q: Being a legend in the industry, I would assume many young artists would look to you for advice. What do you tell them?

A: Legeeeeend . . . maaaaate!! Perseverance, positive attitude. Etch out a personal angle & style on things but be open to all kinds of music and input. Be kind hearted always to everybody and anybody!

Q: Did anyone give you advice that has helped you in your own music career?

A: I come from Alice Springs. In my day there wasn’t even TV let alone the online encyclopaedias available in an instant to us now! I guess I figured out a fair bit myself. I’ll repeat: be good to all, any & everybody no matter what their stature may appear to be.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m very excited about my new record! It’s called Ian Moss and is out March 2nd 2018! I look forward to promoting and playing songs (including the acclaimed song “Broadway” available now as part of pre-ordering the new album) from that album for the foreseeable future!

Catch Ian Moss at the first ever New Year’s Eve at The Farm on December 31 at Bella Vista Farm.

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