Plant of the month – Red Spider Grevillea

Botanical Name: Grevillea speciosa Common Name: Red Spider Grevillea Family: Proteaceae Meaning: Grevillea: Named after English plant collector and propagator Charles Francis Greville. speciosa: From Latin, meaning showy, referring to the flower. Habitat: Damp areas in low, sclerophyll woodlands, forests and heath. Soils: Sandy soils on …

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Plant of the month – Carrot Tops

Botanical Name: Platysace linearifolia Common Name: Carrot Tops Family: Apiaceae, same family as the carrot. Meaning: Platysace: From the Greek word, meaning flat, referring to the fruit. linearifolia: From Latin, meaning straight leaves. Habitat: Dry, sclerophyll forest and heath. Soils: Soils on …

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Plant of the month – Common Lagenifera

Botanical Name: Lagenophora stipitata (Synonym: Lagenifera stipitata) Common Name: Common Lagenifera Family: Asteraceae Meaning: Lagenophora: From Latin meaning flagon or flask bearing, referring to the fruit. stipitata: From Latin, meaning stalked. Habitat: Grasslands, woodlands and sclerophyll forests, from the coast to higher …

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