Plant of the month – Common Lagenifera

Botanical Name: Lagenophora stipitata (Synonym: Lagenifera stipitata) Common Name: Common Lagenifera Family: Asteraceae Meaning: Lagenophora: From Latin meaning flagon or flask bearing, referring to the fruit. stipitata: From Latin, meaning stalked. Habitat: Grasslands, woodlands and sclerophyll forests, from the coast to higher …

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Plant of the month – Banksia

Botanical Name: Banksia spinulosa Common Name: Hairpin Banksia Family: Proteaceae Meaning: Banksia: Named after botanist Sir Joseph Banks. spinulosa: From Latin, meaning with small spines referring to the leaves. Habitat: Heath, woodland and dry sclerophyll on sandstone. Habit: Shrub 1 – 3m. …

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