Month: May 2021

Plant of the month – Carrot Tops

Botanical Name: Platysace linearifolia Common Name: Carrot Tops Family: Apiaceae, same family as the carrot. Meaning: Platysace: From the Greek word, meaning flat, referring to the fruit. linearifolia: From Latin, meaning straight leaves. Habitat: Dry, sclerophyll forest and heath. Soils: Soils on …

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“There are some darker scenes, which were quite confronting to research and to write”: Writer Nicola Moriarty discusses her latest book ahead of library author talk

The Hills Shire Library Service’s In Conversations series returns in 2021 with author extraordinaire Nicola Moriarty. This will be the first In Conversation event at Castle Hill Library in almost 12 months after the series was postponed due to the restrictions that …

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Meet Hills Shire Council Youth Ambassador Julie Charlton

Julie Charlton has travelled throughout NSW to raise awareness for people with disabilities and the challenges they face, and has also served as a chairperson of the Youth Advisory Council. As well as being a passionate advocate, Julie coaches athletics and is an elite athlete herself, recently achieving a Gold Medal in Secured Discus and a Bronze Medal in Secured Javelin at the Australian National Athletics Championships.

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