Wild West Women Talk with Alissa Callen

Having written over ten novels in the genre of romance, author Alissa Callen knows exactly what a good romantic story needs to succeed.

According to Alissa, the key ingredient for an engaging romance novel is strong, authentic characters who change and grow over time.

“Absolutely no swooning is allowed,” she said.

Alissa also pays attention to her characters surroundings.

Many of her settings are taken from the scenic rural surrounds of her small farm in central western NSW, as well as drawing from her childhood memories spent on her family’s farm.

“Wherever I drive I’m always mentally filing something away whether it be galahs drinking from a cattle trough at sunset or the pure blue of a midsummer sky,” Alissa said.

“Our farm animals also have a way of wriggling their way into my words much like how our Jack Russell finds ways to sneak into the kitchen,” she added.

Alissa has always had a passion for words from a young age, but writing books didn’t happen until later in life for Alissa.

“I was always an avid reader and this then segued into writing when I was at home with four young children,” she said.

“I also think there is a genetic component as my Aunt writes as well,” Alissa added.

Alissa is currently working on her next book called The Boundary Fence which is due to be released in February 2020.

Her next free novella titled The Silver Creek will be out in November this year.

Catch Alissa at Castle Hill Library on Tuesday, March 12, for the Wild West Women Talk where she will chat about her new novels and share the secrets to her writing success along with fellow writers Kelly Rimmer and Kim Kelly.

Details and tickets: www.thehills.nsw.gov.au.

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