Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Commelina cyanea

Common Name: Scurvy Weed

Family: Commelinaceae


  • Commelina – After Dutch 17th century botanists Johan and Caspar Commelin.
  • cyanea: From Latin meaning rich mid-blue
  • Scurvy Weed: Used by early European settlers to avoid or treat scurvy.

Looks similar to Tradescantia fluminensis when not in flower.

Native plant that can be weedy in gardens and smother other plants.

The blue flowers attracts native bees.

Grows rapidly in warm, wet weather.

Habitat: Common in moist, shady areas in full sun to part shade

Flowers: Blue

Flowering time: Spring to Autumn

Range: NSW coast, ranges and Queensland.

Found in The Hills Shire, generally in damper areas.

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