5 minutes with coffee entrepreneur Mike Ico

Coffee entrepreneur and business owner Mike Ico gave his top tips for creating a successful business.

Here’s what he had to say.

Focus: You’ve founded three very successful cafes. What’s your secret to success?

Mike: High quality local ingredients, fun workplace, happy staff, friendly locals and a love for hospitality.

Focus: What’s your top tip for someone wanting to open their own café?

Mike: Do your research, it’s not for everyone.

Focus: Where does your love of coffee come from?

Mike: I built a love for it after opening our first shop. The way it brings people together.

Focus: What’s your go to coffee order?

Mike: Black coffee most of the time.

Focus: What are you hoping that audiences will take home from your presentation at Hills Business Unplugged?

Mike: I’m hoping that the audience can take home a realistic view of owning cafes and the hard work within it, but also the joys of working for yourself.

To hear more, catch Mike at Hills Business Unplugged on April 11 at the Pioneer Theatre.

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