Business is Booming

With the construction of the North West Rail Link well underway, the Hills Shire is about to become an even more desirable region than it currently is, and the world-class Norwest Business Park might be just the key to its success.

As a business owner, poor accessibility, congestion, noise, long commutes, neglected or unsuitable premises and an unproductive work environment are all problems you could do without.

However, Norwest Business Park is the perfect solution to these dilemmas.



The growth rate of Sydney’s north-west is exponential.

By 2036, the area’s current population of 180,000 is estimated to reach more than 280,000.

As a result of this population boom, the Sydney Hills has been earmarked by the NSW Government for significant infrastructure expenditure and growth.

The necessity for active, lively centres of business steered the government towards emphasising the importance of Norwest Business Park for the future of employment, economic, residential and recreational requirements in The Hills.

The innovative Norwest precinct sits on 377 hectares and integrates first-class facilities.

Convenience is the focus of the park and its objective is to remain the principal employment centre and key business zone in the north-west area.

Norwest is in close proximity to most major destinations in Sydney with direct access to the second airport at Badgerys Creek, Sydney’s CBD, Hornsby and the flourishing markets of western and south-western Sydney via Sydney’s immense motorway network.

The prospering business precinct is already catching the eye of cutting-edge business owners, with the area zoned for seven-day, 24-hour mixed use. It also acts as the stimulus for the booming $8.44 billion economy of the Hills. The appeal and position of Norwest will only continue to grow once the North West Rail Link is complete.



Professional and financial services take the lead as the main business types in The Hills and Norwest areas.

The prestige of Norwest Business Park is known nationally, making it one of the leading destinations for business, not only in Sydney but also Australia-wide.

A large array of major national and international companies have already chosen to call Norwest home for their business operations, including Capital Finance, Woolworths, Schneider Electrical, IBM GSA, ResMed, B. Braun, Inchcape Australia (importers and distributers of Subaru), Bell Partners and CircaRetail.

With more than 20,000 people currently employed, the goal for Norwest is to create another 15,000 jobs by 2031.

Eight new stations in The Hills will come with the rail link, two within Norwest itself.

Up to 5000 new apartments and townhouses will also be created by the rail link in the vicinity of the park.

Overall, the rail link will bring 49,500 jobs to the district, mostly in the commercial and retail sectors, and another 27,000 new dwellings.

The main bulk of these jobs and dwellings will be created in the immediate locality of Norwest.



Pendragon is a leading salary management and Australian visa company.

It is located within Norwest Business Park and has been in operation since 1998.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, John Glover, Norwest is a wonderful environment to conduct business in.

The family-friendly atmosphere of The Hills complements the highly dynamic energy of Norwest and creates a work-life balance for its workers.

Mr Glover says working with people with similar mindsets and family values makes Norwest Business Park the ideal place to work.

“It’s friendly,” Mr Glover, who wrote the e-book The New World of Work, says.

“People are in similar situations with family, friends and business commitments. So, everyone seems to understand when we need to do a family event over business.

“There are a lot of charitable people in The Hills, so there is a good positive forward-thinking vibe around the business world here.”

Norwest delivers the perfect environment for workers, residents and visitors.

With four large retail centres, banks, a post office, hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, medical services and The Hills Private Hospital, every need is catered for.

Close to a third of the site is reserved for residences and dwellings and another 30 hectares is designated for lakes, waterways, landscaped areas and parklands.

Norwest truly lives up to its name as a business “park”, with a unique mixture of elements, unlikely to be found anywhere else.



With all types of expertise and needs catered for, it is guaranteed that you’ll find a home in the Sydney Hills, no matter what you’re looking for.

When John Glover moved his company, Pendragon, to Norwest Business Park more than eight years ago, he was searching for convenience for his employees.

His former location in Parramatta was becoming too busy and, with many of his employees residing in Sydney’s north-west, Norwest provided the perfect local base for his workers.

“I wanted the business park feel and Norwest provided the perfect opportunity for local employment. It acts as a great local base with plenty around that allows my workers to duck down to the shops during their lunch break,” Mr Glover says.

Mayor of the Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane says Norwest isn’t the only business option in The Hills.

“Castle Towers is a thriving retail centre, one of the most profitable in Sydney, attracting customers from all over the region. Victoria Road retail centre provides numerous business opportunities, stretching from small businesses to large businesses. And there are only more amazing business opportunities to come with the completion of the North West Rail Link on the horizon,” Mayor Keane says.

The current spike in development as well as the imminent growth in housing, commerce, industry services, employment and population in the area, could very well make moving to or starting a business in The Hills region the best career choice of your life.