‘Fall in love with food again’: Rediscover nourishing and healthy food with wholefoods chef Lee Holmes

Author of the Supercharged Food series, Lee Holmes, wants you to fall back in love with food again.

You read that correctly!

The holistic nutritionist and wholefoods chef wants you to ditch fad diets and focus on “simple and healthy eating”.

“There are so many different diets and so much different advice out there,” Holmes said.

“When you look at science, you look at individualised ingredients and we are looking at those as a catalyst for help or harm.

“For instance, we are looking at kale and saying to ourselves: ‘If I have that kale smoothie every day, I’m never going to get sick’. Or, looking at an ingredient like cheese or carbohydrates and going ‘if I eat that I might develop an autoimmune disease’. So we are looking at food in a way that’s not healthy I believe.

“Because of all the different fad diets, we’ve lost the art of just balance and common sense eating,” she added.

Holmes will be providing audiences with simple nourishing recipe ideas and advice on how to super charge their kitchens when she visits Castle Hill Library on Wednesday, May 8 to discuss her latest book, Supercharge Your Life.

Her latest read includes more than 160 recipes which cover almost every occasion, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Readers will also be guided through Holmes purposeful eating principles, as well as rediscovering the lost art of mealtimes.

The yoga and meditation teacher said she wanted to encourage readers to “enjoy” food for what it is.

“Food is a tool for pleasure and fulfilment instead of something to be scared and afraid of,” she said.

“It’s to look at food and see how actually amazing it really is and how nature really provides for us at the right time.”

Holmes’ own journey with food, and creating healthy and nutritious meals began after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

“I woke up one day and I literally couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t know what was wrong,” she confessed.

“I was really tired. My hair was falling out. I was losing a lot of weight and I had these horrible hives. I kept going to work at the time because I was a single mum.

“But, I just couldn’t go into work anymore because I was just so tired. I ended up going to the doctor.

“After a long time of different tests and lots of different medication, I was finally diagnosed with a non-specific autoimmune disease.”

After changing her diet, which included frozen and highly processed meals, and with the help of doctors, she weaned herself off a number of medications, including steroids, immunosuppressants and anti-inflammatories.

“I started to go into my kitchen make easy to digest recipes,” Holmes, who was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, said.

“I started to incorporate a lot of ingredients into my diet. Things like turmeric instead of the anti-inflammatories.

“I just researched a lot of those ingredients and started to make very simple recipes in my kitchen and started my little blog, www.superchargedfood.com,” Holmes added.

Holmes didn’t just research food and its effects on health.

She trialed various recipes.

“It was a bit of a journey. Trial and error. I knew it was something to do with my gut, even though I was getting these hives and losing my hair,” Holmes said.

“I just felt it was coming from my gut. That was what my gut was telling me.

“I started to look and started my blog. I started to really simplify my diet,” she added.

After making those changes, Holmes noticed a big difference to her overall well-being.

To see Holmes live at Castle Hill Library, book your spot now.

Cost: $7.50 per person.

Details: https://www.thehills.nsw.gov.au/Upcoming-Events-Activities/Supercharge-your-life-with-Lee-Holmes

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