Friends of Bella Vista Farm – Ron Ray

Ron Ray is a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo! No, not that one:  Four years ago on the 200th anniversary, he took part in a re-enactment on the original battlefield in Belgium.

So who better than Ron, who served in the Army, to battle for an important part of Australia’s heritage? – Bella Vista Farm.

“The Farm is part of Australia’s history and it must be kept alive, not only for today, but for future generations”.

At school, Ron loved history and his passion for Bella Vista Farm is palpable.

During special events held at the Farm, Ron organises volunteers from the NSW Corps of Marines to demonstrate their drill and weaponry. They dress in the 18th century scarlet livery of the Marine Corps, which was founded by the British Royal Navy in 1786 to protect and preserve order in the new Colony of NSW.

As well as all this, Ron is one of the Guides at Bella Vista Farm, taking visitors through the house and surrounding grounds and buildings.  Twice a week he is part of a small group who helps feed the Farm’s Merino sheep. He also volunteers for the Maritime Museum and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. He sometimes wonders when he had time to go to work!

During his professional life in Human Resources, Ron did a Master of Commerce, specialising in Workplace Relations.

He and Carol have been married for 30 years and they have 2 children, Jarred and Sarah. Jarred is following in dad’s footsteps, sharing historical interest of times past.

It’s people like Ron who continue to keep Bella Vista Farm alive and a wonderful place to visit.

Anyone who has an interest in history and wants to serve the community and would like to become a member come and visit us at Bella Vista Farm. The Farm is open 1st Sunday of every month at 2 Elizabeth MacArthur Drive, Bella Vista or check out

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