Q & A with Nicola Moriarty

Award winning author Nicola Moriarty is returning to her roots.

Having grown up in The Hills along with her equally well-known author sisters, Liane and Jaclyn, her upcoming author talk at Castle Hill Library is a blast from the past.

FOCUS caught up with Nicola ahead of her talk  on October 17 to discuss everything from story inspiration to her latest novel The Ex.

Q: What do you hope attendees take home from your author talk?

A: Hopefully it will be an entertaining evening which will provide an insight into the writing process – both the practical and the creative sides – always helpful for aspiring writers in the audience – and an interesting chat on all the different aspects of the literary world, including the publishing journey and the ups and downs of being a writer.

Q: How did you get into writing novels? 

A: I always loved reading books and writing stories. Then one day I started writing a short story, which ended up feeling more like a first chapter rather than a finished story. So I kept writing and writing and eventually (three years later) I had my first novel!

Q: Where do you draw inspiration for your stories from?

A: Often from ‘what if’ scenarios, which simply pop into my head sometimes. For instance, what if one evening my partner didn’t come home (the inspiration for my first book) or what if I ran away from my family (the inspiration for my second novel). Sometimes a minor anecdote that I’ve heard or something that I’ve seen out in the world will spark an idea and a plot will start to form around it.

Q: What advice do you have for up-and-coming writers?

A: To write what you love, to write as often as possible and to write for the joy of creating stories.

Q: Out of all your books, which is your favourite and why?

A: I think my favourite is Paper Chains because it’s the one which is closest to my heart as it deals with post natal depression and writing it was a very cathartic experience for me.

Q: What’s next?

A: I’m currently working on a novel about a three-car pile-up on the freeway on Christmas eve. It’s revealed that all three cars involved were being driven by members of the same extended family as they travelled in convoy on holiday. Then the story moves back in time to explore the lives of the family and learn what might have been the cause of the car accident. Was it the aunt who’s been drinking a little more than usual of late? Was it the teenager on her L plates who’s been becoming more withdrawn of late? Was it the matriarch of the family who’s been keeping a big secret from everyone? Was it the sleep deprived parents of newborn twins? I like to think of this book as a grown-up version of Pamela Allen’s children’s book, ‘Who Sank The Boat?’

Catch Nicola at Castle Hill Library on Thursday, October 17, at 6.30pm.

Book now at www.thehills.nsw.gov.au.

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