Top Aussie drought tolerant plants

Purple Coral Pea

Hardenbergia violacea

  • Climber/scrambling plant, moderately vigorous.
  • Flowers in winter and spring.
  • Grows in most soils, part shade to full sun. Will flower more in full sun.
  • Tolerates light frosts.
  • Prune regularly after flowering to keep a fuller appearance.
  • Avoid wetting foliage to minimise fungal leaf problems.
  • Mulch around plant to maintain soil moisture.
  • Drought tolerant.

Red Spider Grevillea

Grevillea speciosa

  • Small to medium shrub – up to 2m
  • Light pruning after flowering recommended to keep plant looking fuller.
  • Can flower year round, but peak flowering period is in Spring.
  • Full sun to part shade, but fill flower more in full sun
  • Attracts smaller nectar feeding birds.
  • Prefers well drained soils
  • Mulch to keep soil moist
  • Drought tolerant

Spiny-head Mat-rush

Lomandra longifolia

  • Grass like shrub – grows to approx 1m high
  • Fragrant flowers which attract pollinating beetles
  • There are male and female plants
  • Flower in picture form a female plant
  • Flowers late winter and early spring
  • Grows in most soils
  • Drought tolerant
  • Good habitat for lizards

Australian Indigo

Indigophora australis

  • Slender shrub to 2.5m tall
  • Prune after flowering to maintain a fuller looking shrub
  • Flowers from mid-September until November
  • Suits most soils
  • Mulch around plant to maintain soil moisture
  • Drought tolerant
  • Quick growing
  • Food source for butterflies

Round-leaved Tea Tree

Leptospermum rotundifolium

  • Shrub up to 3m tall.
  • Prune to maintain fuller shrub
  • Flowers from end October to end November
  • Bee attracting
  • Suits most soils
  • Good screening plant
  • Drought and frost tolerant
  • Resistant to salt spray


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