Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Tristaniopsis laurina

Common Name: Water Gum

Family: Myrtaceae

Meaning: Tristaniopsis: From Jules MC Tristan, a French botanist. laurina: From Latin inus and laurus, referring to the resemblance of Laurel-like leaves.

Habitat: Moist sandstone gullies and mountain valleys along creeks and rivers.

Habit: Small spreading tree, typically 4 – 10m, but can get to 15m in its natural habitat.

Leaves: Alternate, smooth, 5-12cm long.

Flowers: Golden yellow, about 10mm wide with 5 petals and prominently grouped stamens.

Flowering time: Summer.

Longevity: Greater than 100 years

Propagation: From seed.

Range: South-east Queensland, east coast of NSW to Gippsland in Victoria.

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