Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Utricularia gibba

Common Name: Humped Bladderwort

Family: Lentibulariaceae


Utricularia: From Latin meaning little bladder, referring to the tiny bladders on the thread-like leaves.

gibba: From Latin for humped, referring to the inflated base of the lower lip of the petals.

Small carnivorous plant which gains nourishment from microscopic water organisms.

Habitat: Wet mud or shallow water.

Habit: Herb with flowers on stems to 8cm high.

Leaves: Thread-like containing tiny bladders for which open under water to collect organisms to feed the plant.

Flowers: Yellow, 4-6mm wide.

Flowering time: Summer.

Range: Coasts of NSW (with Sydney as southernmost limit), Qld and NT. Found in the north of the Shire from Cattai to Maroota. Found on all continents except Antarctica.

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