Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Pseuderanthemum variabile

Common Name: Pastel Flower

Family: Acanthaceae


Pseuderanthemum: Pseud from Greek pseudo, meaning false, as in false Eranthemum. Named after Eranthemum, as it was first thought to look very similar to this plant species, whose meaning in old Greek is lovely flower.

variabile: From Latin for variable.

Habitat: Moist, shady conditions in gullies, forests and rainforests.

Habit: Small herbaceous plant 10 to 30cm tall.

Leaves: Opposite, dark green above, slightly hairy, 2 – 7cm long.

Flowers: Pale mauve, blue pink or white, 15 – 22mm wide. Butterfly attracting. Flowers also eaten by Bearded Dragons.

Flowering time: December to May.

Pollination: Thought to be pollinated from night-flying moths. The two dark spots near the centre of the flower act as a guide for pollinators.

Range: North from Bega along the coast of NSW. Also in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Widespread across The Hills Shire.

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