Plant of the month

Botanical Name: Pittosporum revolutum

Common Name: Rough Fruit Pittosporum

Family: Pittosporaceae


Pittosporum: Pittos from Greek meaning pitch referring to the resinous coating, sporum from Greek meaning seed, together referring to the seed which is covered in a sticky substance

revolutum: From Latin meaning rolled backwards, referring to the flower petals. 

Features:Bird attracting. Tolerates drought and light frosts. Can be used as a hedge. Has separate male and female plants.

Habitat: Rainforests, as well as wet and dry sclerophyll forests.

Habit: Shrub 1 to 3m tall.

Leaves: Covered in rusty hairs when young, becoming smooth as they age, usually between 5 and 10cm long.

Flowers: Yellow and fragrant with downward curving petals.

Flowering time: Spring.

Fruit: Warty looking, yellow about 3cm in size. Split open to reveal red, sticky seed.

Range: Generally coastal NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

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