Meet our 2020/2021 Hills Shire Youth Ambassadors – Anthony Radic

Say hello to one of the new Sydney Hills Youth Ambassadors for 2020/2021 – Anthony Radic.

Focus caught up Anthony to discuss his goals for the future and what he hopes to achieve during his time as a Youth Ambassador. 

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: My goals for the future are plentiful yet follow similar ideas of being an active part of the community, locally and abroad. As I finish my studies I would like to study either law or economics in Sydney but also study abroad to travel, get in touch with my European roots, and experience different cultures in a global sense. I plan to work closely with youth advocacy and volunteer groups like the Hills Youth Army and 28Jun to maintain a strong connection with the community. Working with the United Nations is a great dream of mine, as, through this global platform, I would be able to influence global support for issues the youth finds crucial. Similar to other young people, I am still open to changes in my plans, however, if I can make a positive impact on the world around me and continue to always be there for my family, I will be pleased.

Q: What do you hope to achieve during your time as a Hills Shire Youth Ambassador?

A: During my time as Hills Shire Youth Ambassador, I seek to achieve greater support for the youth academically and socially. Ensuring that our community has a strong framework for youth wellbeing is crucial to the development of a strong, passionate, and confident group of future leaders. Through my position as a year leader at Rouse Hill High School, I have found that the stresses of academic life remain a key concern of the youth. If we can facilitate greater social connections between the youth and opportunities to grow, why not apply such ideas to community initiatives. Even if it be through youth workshops at local libraries or greater educational lectures in the Hills, more educational opportunities would strengthen our youth as a whole. I would hope we could establish this goal by either strengthening the reach of the Hills Youth Army or establishing a new support network with an academic and social focus. More support for all forms of learning in an inter-school manner could provide students with much-needed clarity during stressful times.

Q: Is there any particular topic that you would like to focus on during your term?

A: The idea of ‘Connections’ would be the topic I would like to focus on during my term as Hills Youth Ambassador. ‘Connections’ looks at strengthening the relationships the youth has in existing programs within the community but also establishing newer links with different Hills groups. Through this topic, we can balance both the youth’s desires and the practicality of change. The first link in the chain of connections follows the relationship the youth has within itself. As stated, ensuring that young people can meet each other outside the framework of school or work to connect is so important. Furthermore, the introduction of greater community workshops, which could allow for youth connection with our Aboriginal and elderly communities. By creating youth events with our Dharug peoples, young people like myself can continue to learn about the thousands of years of Aboriginal culture and respect this history in the Hills Shire. Regarding our elderly, through possibly the Hills Youth Army, we could establish community workshops for youth and the elderly, such as cooking classes or oral history lessons. I truly believe that there is so much my generation can learn from our older community members and creating opportunities to facilitate that would be a worthwhile sub-focus. In summary, through my role as Hills Youth Ambassador, I would hope my age group sees greater social integration within our community.

Q: What made you want to become a Youth Ambassador?

A: I wanted to become the Youth Ambassador as I have a strong passion for youth advocacy and truly want to see continuous positive change in my community. I have lived in the Hills since I was born and being in a position to help promote growth for the better was an opportunity I had to apply for. My leadership experience in and outside of my local high school has given me the chance to be a voice for my peers and community members. Through such experience, I have gathered an understanding of the concerns shared by the majority of young people, and wanting some of these concerns to be addressed motivated me to sign up. I want to give back to my community and being the Youth Ambassador is one of the most active ways of doing so. As such, the Hills Youth Ambassador can influence positive changes that will help strengthen our youth with our community. Also, getting in touch with new people and meeting community leaders is a strong interest of mine. I participated in work experience at local member the Hon. Ray William’s office last year. Since then I have been similarly intrigued by the legal side of introducing community changes, as getting to know how our ideas can be practically established is key to promoting new plans in our community. Thus, giving back to my community and gaining worthwhile experience were the key reasons why I applied for this influential role. 


  1. Elizabeth Love says:

    As I read your interview Anthony on Focus I was extremely impressed with your response and passion for “connecting” various groups of people in the Hills Shire. I too am on that journey!
    Some differences between us: I am a resident of two years in the Hills Shire with part time ministry and a more senior cohort group from yours which provides a potentially strong link.
    Within your school studies commitment and Ambassador involvement role I would greatly appreciate some time to have a conversation regarding the possibility of connecting further. Upon receiving your response I will give you more details of my time and see what can be matched.
    I anticipate your reply wishing you every richness in both your studies and role of Hills Ambassador.

    Elizabeth Ann Love rsj

    • Anthony Radic says:

      Hi Ms Love,

      I apologise for not getting intouch earlier. I am currently the chair of the Hills Youth Army and hope to continue to work with the Youth in the local area. I am happy for you to remain in contact if you still had any points of discussion.

      Kind regards,

  2. David Manczak says:

    Dear Anthony,

    Congratulations on the new appointment regarding the Youth Ambassador role. As Sunnyfield is a disability provider, I would like to schedule a suitable time to meet with your self to discuss possible community links and or disability supports for the youth population within the Hills district.

    Kind Regards,

    David Manczak
    Sunnyfield Disability Services – Employment

  3. Keshav Sharma says:

    Congrats Anthony! You’ve made us proud!

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