Plant of the month – Styphelia tubiflora

Botanical Name: Styphelia tubiflora

Common Name: Red Five-corner

Family: Epacridaceae


Styphelia: From Greek for dense, referring to the dense habit of some species. 

tubiflora: From Latin, meaning tubular-flowered.

Habitat: Heath and woodland on sandstone.

Habit: Shrub to 80cm.

Leaves: Sharply pointed, narrow.

Flowers: Red, sometimes pink, tubular, drooping. Attracts honey eating birds which are it’s main pollinators. 

Flowering time: April – September.

Fruit: Greenish red berry with distinct ribs, attributing to the name “Five-corner”. Fruit is edible and was eaten in Colonial times.

Range: Sydney and Blue Mountains to Jervis Bay.

Fairly common in sheltered understories in The Hills Shire on sandstone.

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