Plant of the month – Xanthosia pilosa

Botanical Name: Xanthosia pilosa

Common Name: Woolly Xanthosia

Family: Apiaceae


Xanthosia: From Greek xanthos, meaning yellow, referring to the flowers even though most are white.

pilosa: From Latin pilos meaning hairy, referring to the leaves.

Habitat: Sheltered woodlands, usually in dry, rocky and sandy areas. Drought tolerant.

Habit: Straggling, herbaceous plant <50cm.

Leaves: Covered in fine hairs, 3-lobed.

Flowers: Greenish-white. Pollinated by bees, wasps, beetles and flies. In the same plant family as carrots.

Flowering time: Spring to Summer.

Range: Along the coast from Queensland to NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Common throughout The Hills Shire.

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