November Book of the Month – Happy and other ridiculous aspirations

Discover the secret to happiness with the book of the month for November – Happy and other ridiculous aspirations by Turia Pitt.


Turia Pitt goes on a quest to answer the question, Is it possible to be happier? What does she discover on her journey? Well, we can tell you that it entails, among other things, practising gratitude, working on kindness, self-love, strengthening your relationships and accepting the hard times and bad days. Turia unpacks all of the above with easy-to-implement tips and strategies, hilarious insights into her own life and relationships, and introduces us to some of the world’s most fabulous people along the way, including Leigh Sales, Scott Pape, Zoe Foster Blake, Maria Forleo and Mick Fanning.

All Hills Shire libraries have now reopened for borrowing and you can find a copy of Happy and other ridiculous aspirations at your local branch.

The audio book version of this book and many more great e-resources can also be found on The Hills Shire Library website.

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