Plant of the month – Dwarf Apple Gum

Botanical Name: Angophora hispida

Common Name: Dwarf Apple Gum

Family: Myrtaceae


Angophora: From Greek aggos and phero, meaning vessel which refers to the fruit.

hispida: From Latin, meaning rough, from being covered with hairs.

Habitat: Shallow sand on sandstone, especially on ridgetops.

Habit: Small tree to 6m, often multi-trunked.

Leaves: Opposite, rounded. New branches covered in hairs. Drought tolerant. Bird attracting.

Flowers: Creamy-white, to 3cm with a fragrant, sweet smell like honey. Pollinated by bees, wasps, beetles and flies. Can be propagated from seed.

Flowering time: November to January.

Range: Sydney region, on Hawkesbury sandstone. Found throughout The Hills Shire in sandstone communities.

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