Young actor makes producing debut with the Second Age Project

The Second Age Project’s Dinitha Senevirathne has been with the ensemble since he was 12.

Since then, he has not only developed his love of the works of Shakespeare, he has moved on to roles with Sport For Jove’s main company, and is now branching out into a producing role with this year’s two shows – the online Zoom show ‘SHAKEFLIX’  and the in-person play ‘The Florist of Arden’.

Earlier this year, Dinitha was selected with eight others to be part of Sport For Jove’s first-ever Producer Mentorship Program which was made possible thanks to the Create NSW Creative Kids Digital Grant. 

The Second Age Project is coming to the Pioneer Theatre in mid-December.

Ahead of their performance, FOCUS had a chat with the up-and-coming producer about the shows, the support he has received from theatre company Sport for Jove and his love of Shakespeare.

This is what Dinitha had to say:

(Q) How did you get involved in Sport for Jove’s Second Age Project?

(A) I accompanied my older brother to Sports for Jove’s very first Second Age project audition and wanted to join in on the fun without even realising the beauty of the works of Shakespeare or the wonderful world of theatre.

(Q) Why is the Second Age Project so important for young people?

(A) Sport for Jove Shakespeare Theatre Company has made it possible for locals to enter and enjoy the wonderful world of Shakespeare. As a Hills local, I am very proud to be a part of the amazing Shakespeare in the Park festival and the Second Age Project at Bella Vista Farm since 2012.  

(Q) Did you know much about Shakespeare and his wonderful plays before the Second Age Project?

(A) Even though I was fortunate enough to get into the Second Age Project, Shakespeare was just a name with very limited meaning or relevance behind it to me. By being part of the Second Age Project, I had the opportunity to learn, to understand and to appreciate the works of Shakespeare, and why his stories are more relevant, current and valid than ever before.

The beautifully poetic Shakespearean language, the characters and the world he creates are just incredible and it is so much fun to study his works. Looking back, I am very thankful to the Sport for Jove Theatre Company. All of these amazing people made it possible for me to go on a journey that I never imagined I would have been able to embark upon.

(Q) What does the Second Age Project mean to you?

(A) Being a part of this project has been one of the biggest highlights of my life in recent years. Meeting new friends and entering an environment of like-minded theatre-goers and performers – all who share the same appreciation and understanding and passion for theatre and Shakespeare – is a truly revitalising experience.

On top of that, spending time learning about the many themes in Shakespeare’s work from Sport For Jove’s most accomplished directors and teachers, as well as learning many new skills in the multifaceted craft of acting, has been a true privilege. The skills and knowledge I have learned from my years at Sport For Jove, along with the many new skills I shall learn in years to come, are lessons I hope to carry throughout my career and my life.

(Q) What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s productions?

(A) I am particularly excited about this year’s Second Age Project performance. This year has been an unusual year. We had to face a number of challenges due to COVID 19 restrictions and precautions. I am very proud of how we managed to overcome these obstacles and still continue our work. I am thankful for the amazing crew and the cast for their incredible commitment, enthusiasm and contributions.

(Q) What can audiences expect from the Second Age Project’s upcoming performances, including one that will happen live at the Pioneer Theatre?

(A) Without giving much away, I would like to say that our audiences will surely enjoy powerful stories that make a strong connection between the world of Shakespeare and the modern world we live in. This year’s group of Second Age students have brought in so much energy and talent. It has been a delight to work with these wonderful talents.


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