Secrets to writing a successful grant application

Wanting to write a successful grant application? But don’t know how?

Keith Whelan from The Grants Guy is here to help.

The grants, tenders and funding consultancy guru is hosting an e-workshop on January 18 at 6.30pm.

Ahead of his Community Grant Application Training Workshop, Keith provided his top seven tips for successful grant writing to Focus.

And these include:

  1. Always read the grant guidelines

“Before applying, obtain a copy of the grant guidelines and make sure your organisation and your project are eligible for funding,” Keith says.

Adding: “Read the eligibility criteria carefully and if you are unsure – ask!

2. Answer the questions

Keith says to “make sure you answer the questions”.

“Show how you are meeting the grant funding bodies criteria, and why your project is more important than other applications,” he added.

3. Show your community involvement

“Demonstrate community support and involvement in your project: seek out letters of support for your project,” Keith says.

4. Simple language works best

Keith recommends using “clear language”, and avoiding “abbreviations” and “jargons”.

5. Time

Don’t leave grant writing to the last minute.

Keith says to “allow plenty of time to complete all the application requirements.”

He also recommends to “obtain quotes early on in the process”.

6. Don’t dwell

Keith also urges applicants to not dwell on a problem, but look for solutions. That way the application process is still being worked on.

7. Proof read

Keith encourages applicants before they submit an application, to “arrange for someone else [preferably someone who is not familiar with the project] to read the application”.

“Ask them to make sure it meets the guidelines, is clear and easy to read and there are no typos,” he added.  


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