Plant of the month – Lessor Flannel Flower

Botanical Name: Actinotus minor

Common Name: Lessor Flannel Flower

Family: Apiaceae


Actinotus: From Greek meaning to have rays, in reference to the ray-like bracts.

minor: From Latin, meaning lessor, referring to the smaller size.

Habitat: Sunny positions in sclerophyll woodland and heath on sandstone hillsides.

Habit: Perennial herb to 50cm.

Leaves: Grey-green, divided into 3 segments, and hairy below. Quickly recovers from fire.

Flowers: White to cream. Bracts hairy, often dark tipped below. Attracts butterflies.

Flowering time: Most of the year, mainly in summer.

Range: From the Central Coast to Victoria along the coast. Commonly found throughout The Hills Shire.

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