Plant of the month – Yellow Burr Daisy

Botanical Name: Calotis lappulacea

Common Name: Yellow Burr Daisy

Family: Asteraceae


Calotis: From Greek meaning beautiful ear.

lappulacea: From Latin lappa, meaning a burr, referring to the seed.

Habitat: Grasslands and open forest on the Cumberland Plain.

Soils: Heavy clay to shallow, rocky soils.

Habit: Perennial herb 10-30cm.

Leaves: Small, covered in small hairs. Drought tolerant.

Flowers: Yellow. Bracts hairy, often dark tipped below. Re-sprouts after fire.

Flowering time: Most of the year, mainly June – October.

Seed: Burr-like. Dispersed by animals.

Range: Found in all mainland states of Australia. Lives 5 – 25 years.

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