This Old House

Take a walk back through time to life in The Hills Shire in the 1800s with This Old House.

Max Roughley

This biographical read provides a rare glimpse into the personal lives of the original owners of Roughley House, narrated by descendant Max Roughley.

Max said he wrote the account “to revisit the history of the ‘old house’, while also compiling a record of more recent events that made the home what it is today”.

Roughley House was built in 1856 after Joseph and James Roughley were convicted of theft and given a seven year sentence of transportation to Australia in 1817.

Gordon ‘Clive’ Roughley

The final family resident of the house Gordon ‘Clive’ Roughley sold the property to The Hills Shire Council for $1 in order to maintain the much loved home as a living history of colonial life in The Hills and to share it with the public.

Today, Roughley House is one of Dural’s most iconic historic attractions and welcomes hundreds of people through its doors with free house tours. The grounds of the house also play host to The Hills Shire’s popular annual music event, Jazz at the Pines.

To begin your journey back in time, pick up a copy of this 28-page personalised account, now available for borrowing at Castle Hill Library.

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