Plant of the month – Sweet Wattle

Botanical Name: Acacia suaveolens

Common Name: Sweet Wattle

Family: Fabaceae

Subfamily: Mimosoiseae


Acacia: From the Greek word akis, meaning a sharp point.

suaveolens: From Latin, meaning sweet smelling.

Habitat: Dry sclerophyll forests, woodlands and heath, mainly on the coast. Killed by fire. Relies on seed germination post-fire.

Soils: Sandstone

Habit: Narrow, usually to 1.5m.

Phyllodes: Blue/green, usually at right angles to the stem.

Flowers: Pale yellow, cream, globular. Flowers provide a food source for birds.

Flowering time: April to September.

Seed Pods: Purplish. Mildly salt tolerant and frost tolerant.

Life Span: to 15 years.

Range: Southern Queensland, NSW coast, west to Mount Victoria, Victoria and Tasmania.

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