Cyclists – ride the Greenway Link

The Hills Shire is dotted with cycleways with more being added regularly. One of the area’s popular cycleways is known as the Greenway Link from Bella Vista to Rouse Hill.

It covers a course through the green corridors of housing estates, parklands, reserves, sporting fields and some quiet back streets. The route which is approximately 12 km depending on the options you choose, takes in historic houses, water courses, meandering paths that follow creeks, great views, shopping centres, playgrounds, cafes and more.

Start your ride from Bella Vista Farm located on the corner of Elizabeth Macarthur Drive and Norwest Boulevard. If you do visit Bella Vista on the first Sunday of the month Bella Vista Farm, is open to the public with guides to show you around, displays, skill demonstrations and heritage games. There are even Devonshire teas on offer.

Start your ride from the Bella Vista Farm carpark. Head north up the hill on the concrete path that you’ll find near the gate to the homestead. Take the left fork as you near Norwest Boulevard and exit the park turning left onto the path that follows the road. Shortly after, you’ll see the path on the right which will take you through an underpass under the road.

After the underpass take the right fork and head up the hill to follow the concrete path. The path then traverses the green reserve of the residential area. The path follows Waterfall Crescent, Osprey Terrace and Rowanbrae Crescent. You’ll need to take care crossing Northbridge Avenue.

Cross Edgewater Drive with care and continue to follow the path through the residential housing following Bronzewing Terrace and De Villiers Rise. You’ll also cross Brighton Drive and Free Settlers Drive.

After crossing Free Settlers Drive you’ll see a fenced work site which is the new Balmoral Reserve playing fields under construction. Follow the path along the construction fence line, and when you reach the end of the path use the driveways to turn on to Gardenview Court. At the end of 2021 when the construction is complete there’ll be a new path in place but until then you’ll need to ride on the quiet street.

At the end of Gardenview Court, you’ll need to carefully cross Balmoral Road and head up the hill to the right to pick up the path that follows Pellizzer Boulevard. Continue along the path through residential housing and cross Hodges Road with care.

After crossing Rutherford Avenue, you’ll see the new Greenway Bridge over Memorial Avenue which will allow you to cross the busy road. Head up and over the bridge and enjoy the views.

When you reach Water Creek Boulevard you’ll have a choice of either riding across a grass field or using the roadway. This section of the ride will be completed by the end of 2021 but in the interim you’ll choose to ride straight ahead across the grass and through the grass walkway to reach Arnold Avenue. Or you can ride on the roadway on Thomas Boulton Circuit, turning right at Farmhouse Avenue and right at Arnold Avenue.  If you’ve come via the road you’ll then turn left into Cottage Pt Road, or if you’ve come via the grass you’ll be going straight into Cottage Pt Road.

Turn right onto Raymond Court and pick up the path following the road, shortly after you’ll see the path to the left that heads over a bridge that crosses Strangers Creek. Continue to follow the path which now follows Brodrick Boulevard, taking care to cross Fox Creek Circuit.

The path then heads up and over Windsor Road via a bridge. It’s a bit of a climb but using the gears on your bike should get you over it.

After crossing the Windsor Road bridge you’ll come to Greyfriar Lane and cross it and head up the hill. Take care crossing the road and on the gutter at the base of the hill. The hill is a little steep so get off your bike and walk up if you need to. Continue to follow the path which will follow Redden Drive. Look out for the left turn which traverses a pedestrian crossing just before Jupiter Road.

Stop off at the children’s playground in Mount Saint Francis Reserve and enjoy the views. The path then crosses Poole Road and Redden Drive, then follows Redden Drive. Take care crossing Samantha Riley Drive at the pedestrian lights and head straight ahead on the path, crossing Softwood Avenue.

Head up the hill through the trees to the serene Turkeys Nest Dam affording great views to the west. You can circumnavigate the dam and take a break to watch the ducks and Ibis enjoying the water.

On the other side of the dam, you’ll pick the path up again reaching Beaumont Hills Shopping Centre. Stop by for a refreshment or continue following the path to the left of the shopping centre which now follows The Parkway.

Continue on the path that follows The Parkway, crossing Hotham Avenue. Just after The Parkway becomes Mungerie Road you’ll cross The Rise and turn left following the path down the hill along The Rise, heading right when you reach Bridgewood Drive. Shortly after turn left at Lusitano Street, taking care to cross Bridgewood Drive and head towards Caddies Creek Reserve.

Stop off at the Caddies Creek Reserve which features playing fields, amenities buildings, parkland, a playground and more than 2 km of shared pedestrian/cycle paths.

At this point, you could also visit The Local Shed Café which is housed within the historic home, Mungerie House. The Café has plenty of bicycle parking and is used by the local cycling club North Western Sydney Cycling Club to start and finish their rides. Access it by travelling through Caddies Creek Reserve exiting on Galara Street and heading west until you reach the Café.

If you want to continue on to Rouse Hill turn right when you reach the reserve and follow the path that follows Dainfern Street. Continue along the path that follows Caddies Creek enjoying the calls of the local birdlife.

When you reach an intersection you’ll have a choice to go left to the Rouse Hill town centre, or if you want to keep riding, head right and up a hill that follows the boundary fence of Rouse Hill High School.

At the top of the hill, you’ll find an AFL field called Bruce Purser Oval, follow the path past the club house, and then cross the road using the pedestrian lights at the intersection of Commercial and Withers Road, heading towards another sporting field at Hills Centenary Park.

Head into the carpark and pick up the path that goes right just after the children’s playground. There is a path that goes around the oval (which you can also enjoy) and another to the right that heads down the hill. It’s between two drinking fountains/bubblers and is easy to miss.

Follow the path through the serene bushland but take care heading down the hill and through the corners because there can be leaf litter on this path. Cross the bridge over Caddies Creek heading up the hill towards Greensborough Avenue. At this point, you have the choice to ride up Greensborough Avenue on the path which is a steep hill or continue on the path in William Harvey Reserve which is less steep.

Either way, you’ll find yourself on Greensborough Avenue, before crossing Mile End Road via the pedestrian lights where you’ll see Aberdoon House.

From there you can continue on to Rouse Hill Regional Park by continuing along the cycle path, crossing Clower Avenue and Adelphi Street with care. Utilise the underpass to avoid busy Windsor Road and head into the park to enjoy the many bike trails, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Nearby Rouse Hill Estate, another historic home could also be included in your ride. Head north from the park to access it.

Once you’re done exploring Rouse Hill, you can head back by following the route in reverse or ride via the path that follows Windsor Road, Old Windsor Road and the Metro Line. It takes you back to Bella Vista Farm via a more direct route. You’ll need to cross several roads which nearly all have lights so can be safely traversed.

If you want to extend your ride there are other paths that link to this route from either end, both within the Hills Shire and its neighbouring areas.

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