Plant of the month – Red Spider Grevillea

Botanical Name: Grevillea speciosa

Common Name: Red Spider Grevillea

Family: Proteaceae


Grevillea: Named after English plant collector and propagator Charles Francis Greville.

speciosa: From Latin, meaning showy, referring to the flower.

Habitat: Damp areas in low, sclerophyll woodlands, forests and heath.

Soils: Sandy soils on sandstone.

Habit: Shrub, usually to 1.5 – 2m high.

Leaves: Silky new growth, silvery hairs on the undersurface. Provides shelter for small nectar feeding birds which also pollinate these plants.

Flowers: Bright, crimson red. Shape resembles a spider giving this plant its common name. Drought tolerant, but will flower more profusely if watered. Regenerates from seed. Can also be grown from cuttings. 

Flowering time: June to September, but also sporadically throughout the year. Heat and smoke aids the germination of seed.

Range: Restricted to the Greater Sydney region, from Port Jackson to Gosford and Bucketty.

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  1. Tracey James says:

    I love this plant but can’t seem to find any for sale. I note that it is your plant of the month – so I though you may know where to buy it. It’s listed on many nursery sites but no one seems to sell it. Help! And thanks.

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