Learn how to DIY your dream wardrobe with Daisy Braid this Garage Sale Trail

Want to learn about how to make your dream wardrobe, while also being more sustainable and environmentally conscious?

Daisy Braid, or DIY Daisy as she is more commonly known, will be teaching tips on how to repurpose fabric scraps and how to make old clothes new again as part of a FREE online Masterclass thanks to the annual festival of pre-loved stuff, Garage Sale Trail. 

Participants will also learn about how to create bunting using secondhand fabrics during the 40-minute session.

FOCUS caught up with the sewing blogger and content creator from the Gold Coast ahead of her Masterclass on Saturday, November 6. 

FOCUS spoke to Daisy about her blog, being more sustainable and how the COVID-19 pandemic has seen more people take up sewing as a hobby. This is what she had to say:

Q: How did you get into sewing? 

A: I got into sewing as a teenager because I wanted to create my own outfits that nobody else had. I was really into op shopping and got started by hemming dresses and thrift flipping oversized blouses. Then my aunt would send me fabric remnants from her clothing label and I would DIY those into tops and dresses.

Q: What do you enjoy about sewing? 

A: I love so many things about sewing! For one it allows me to make clothes that I can’t find in stores, in colours and fabrics that I choose myself. I get to choose the length, the fit and how big the sleeves are. I get to be my own fashion designer! Sewing is also my self-care craft. It’s something I can do just for myself and let my creativity go. I’ve made some fabulous sewing friends too and it’s so lovely to be able to talk about your hobbies and passions with people who understand your obsession.

Q: Why should more people take up this favourite past time?

A: For those who have never tried sewing, there might be a fear of messing up, but I think once you put your foot down and give it a go, you’ll find it’s so rewarding.

Q: Do you think there’s been a resurgence in sewing since the pandemic? If yes, why? 

A: Absolutely! I think a lot of people finally had the time to try those crafts they’d always dreamed about. You can only bake so many loaves of bread!

Q: When you started sharing your clothing tutorials on Instagram, did you ever expect it to become so big? 

A: I never expected it to grow so much, but I’m grateful that it did. I moved home from living in Japan at the start of the pandemic and didn’t have a job for about four months, so I just sewed my stash and shared my sewing journey online and it kind of just grew from that. It’s lead me to some amazing work opportunities like doing a trail tutorial with Garage Sale Trail!  

Q: Why should people get involved in Garage Sale Trail? 

A: Garage sales all over your city on the same day! Sounds like a dream but it’s real! I can’t wait to make a day of it with my girlfriends and find some unique treasures to craft with!

Q: Can you share any tips on being more sustainable when it comes to fashion and making clothes and accessories? 

A: My top tip for shopping secondhand is to have an intention and that applies to making clothes and accessories too. Always have a list in your mind of the kinds of things you’re looking for and the things you want to make. That way you won’t buy things you might not use. Then, have intention in your making, be mindful of the waste you might produce, how you can reuse or repurpose the waste you do make and also consider if you will use or wear what you are making.

Q: Why should people sign-up to your Garage Sale workshop on November 6? 

A: I’m going to be sharing how to make BUNTING! If you are new to sewing and need a simple project to practise your skills and gain confidence, bunting is a great project. I’ll also be sharing some of my fave DIY projects I made with second hand materials.

More on Garage Sale Trail: 

The biggest festival of pre-loved stuff, Garage Sale Trail, returns in November across three big weekends.

Garage sales, both online and face-to-face, will be held on 13 & 14 November and 20 & 21 November. 

Trail Tutorial online Masterclasses will also be held on November 6 & 7, and will focus on topics such as sustainable fashion, how to style your garage sale, DIY clothing and more. 

Residents hosting a face-to-face sale must follow the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at the time, including one person per 4sqm. 

For details and to book your place, visit: www.garagesaletrail.com.au.

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