Plant of the month – Narrow-leaved Palm Lily

Botanical Name: Cordyline stricta

Common Name: Narrow-leaved Palm Lily

Family: Asparagaceae


Cordyline: From Greek cordyle, referring to the stem shape of some species, meaning swelling.

stricta: From Latin meaning straight or rigid, referring to the long stems.

Habitat: Rainforests and damp sclerophyll forests. Grows well as a pot plant. Tolerates low light, grows in sunny and shady positions.

Soils: Shallow and deep soils, both moist and dry. Drought tolerant when established.

Habit: Slender shrub to 5m.

Leaves: Long, slender, 30-50cm long.

Flowers: Lilac. Food for the Miskin’s Swift Butterfly.

Flowering time: Summer.

Fruit: Black berries 1-1.5cm.

Range: Coastal lowlands from Sydney to Queensland.

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