Plant of the month – Weeping Meadow Grass

Botanical Name: Microlaena stipoides

Common Name: Weeping Meadow Grass

Family: Poaceae


Microlaena: From Greek meaning micro cloak, referring to the floral bracts

stipoides: Meaning like a Stipa grass

Habitat: Common in woodlands. Drought tolerant. Low maintenance.

Soils: Clay and sandstone soils.

Habit: Grass 15 – 70cm high.

Leaves: Flat with a slight pinch in the end of the leaf blade.

Seed: Has a weeping habit, hence its common name. Food source for seed eating birds such as the Turquoise Parrot, as well as providing food for the larvae of many butterflies. Easily grown from seed and seeds can be spiked.

Seeding time: usually December to May.

Range: Eastern Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, SE of South Australia and SW of Western Australia.

This one found in Baulkham Hills.

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