Plant of The Month – Goodenia Ovata

Botanical Name: Goodenia Ovata

Common Name: Hop Goodenia

Family: Goodeniaceae

Goodenia: Named after botanist and treasurer of the Linnean Society, Dr Goodenough..

ovata: From Latin, referring to the leaf shape.

Easily propagated from seed and cuttings.

Pruning recommended to keep compact.

Provides habitat for insects, lizards and brown quails.

Insect pollinated, including by native bees and hoverflies.

Killed by fire, regenerating from seed.

Fast growing.

Habitat: Usually on the edges of rainforests, creek-lines and rivers

Soils: Sandy, sheltered.

Habit: Shrub to 2m high, may be upright or sprawling.

Leaves: Oval to elliptical, 3-8cm long and 1-4cm wide. Glossy green with toothed margin.

Flowering time: All year round, but mainly October to March.

Flowers: Yellow.

Range: Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Found in The Hills Shire along creek-lines in sheltered areas.

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