It’s time to start packing a waste-free lunch

In light of National Recycling Week (Monday 13 November to Sunday 19 November), The Hills Shire Council is encouraging residents to pack a waste-free lunch on 15 November 2017.

Waste-free lunches benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste, which in turn reduces rubbish and resource use, while encouraging healthy eating.

Participating in a waste-free lunch activity also promotes sustainability awareness in your local community, school environment and workplace.

The initiative encourages the use of reusable food containers and drink bottles, utensils and organic waste. Disposal packaging such as pre-packaged/ individual servings of food, plastic bags, straws and disposable utensils and plastic cling wrap are discouraged.

To pack a waste free lunch, we suggest using containers – a lunch box with a variety of compartments works well or purchase a few smaller containers to hold different snacks. Here is an example of a fun chicken coop themed lunch box with reusable  muffin holders used to keep the snacks safely together.

Other tips for making waste-free lunches include:

  • Make your own dried fruit and nut mix and keep the contents in a container for later.
  • Cheese and crackers, as well as fruit, can be placed in a reusable container.
  • Make a tray of cupcakes and keep them frozen. Remove cupcakes of a morning and put in a lunchbox. By the time morning tea or recess arrives, the treat should have defrosted.
  • Pop your own popcorn and pack it in a paper bag. Remember to dispose of the paper bag in the  recycle bin.
  • Make your own smoothie at home and place the contents into a reusable bottle.


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