Mindfulness for wellbeing

Mindfulness is used by famous business people, top executives, athletes, celebrities and creatives to relieve stress, clear the mind and drive performance.

Now you have the opportunity to learn about the age-old practice during Dr Padmini Howpage, Consultant Psychiatrist’s Mindfulness for Wellbeing workshop on Tuesday, November 28 at Castle Hill Library.

Dr Howpage said she will explore mindfulness techniques and the benefits with attendees during the evening event. 

“Mindfulness is becoming aware of this moment,” Dr Howpage said. 
“Most people who are not aware of this moment live a life totally absentminded. They just rush from one task to another and get too stressed with life.
“Mindfulness helps you to focus on what you are doing in that moment. It may be a conversation, reacting to a situation or whatever the activity you are doing in that particular moment. Being mindful is a skill you learn so you have the ability to experience each moment.” she said.
Dr Howpage said there are many techniques that people could use to be more mindful.   
“Breathing is a technique that we teach, but it could be any activity that you can focus on. For example a mindful body posture, mindful walking, mindful emotions, mindful eating and so much more. It’s learning about being aware of the things you are doing in that moment.” Dr Howpage said.
“You can get into the practice of being mindful by adding it into very simple aspects of your day-to-day life. In a way that is practical.” 
Dr Howpage said the most important part of mindfulness is learning to be grateful. 
“Most of the time conflict happens because people are too stressed and don’t comprehend the moment,” Dr Howpage said.
“If we have the ability to live for that moment, we become grateful for what we have like going to work, talking to a friend, enjoying a cup of tea and actually knowing who we are conversing with. 
“So suddenly life becomes tolerable and less tense.”
Dr Howpage is one of four authors participating in The Hills Shire Library Service’s Feast of Speakers event throughout November and December.
She was nominated to conduct this Mindfulness work shop by the Positive Vibes Foundation, a mental health charity organisation based in The Hills Shire.  

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