Under the ‘Big Country Sky’ with Ben Ransom

Country musician Ben Ransom has helped to shape the landscape of modern country music in Australia with his smash hits including ‘Truck Stop Honey’ and ‘Big Country Sky’.

Audiences can anticipate big things from Ransom when he performs at Bella Vista Farm on Saturday March 3 as part of Country Rocks Festival Sydney.

“The crowd can expect a high energy show with the usual trademark wild antics that have become a feature of my big concert performances,” Ransom said.

Ransom has played throughout Australia numerous times as well as overseas and it seems his tours can sometimes get a little bit rowdy!

His most memorable performance was a show in a pub in the heart of London’s west end, his final gig before moving back to Australia.

“It was like a B&S ball, they were absolutely swinging from the rafters,” Ransom said.

“As it was my final night they had all brought along extra pairs of underwear and needless to say the stage became littered with them, so in the end it looked more like a Victoria’s Secret store,” he added.

Very much personifying the Aussie stereotype of a lovable larrikin, Ben Ransom has a large following not only in Australia but overseas also.

He credits the extent of his fan base to the wide reach of the internet in today’s society.

“One of the more positive side effects on music by the digital revolution is accessibility and distribution of your music to the overseas market that may have otherwise never known you existed,” Ransom said.

Ransom has spent the last 18 months working on his new album ‘101’ which is a collection that embodies everything he has gained from music up until this point in his life.

“All bar two of the songs were written wholly by me so it’s also a very personal album,” Ransom said.

With his widespread fan base, this album is sure to be just as much of a winner as his previous albums.

Despite his immense success, Ransom still counts his career highlight as seeing his audiences engage with his music.

“My career highlight so far is seeing and hearing the fans singing my songs, it’s an unbeatable feeling!” Ransom said.

And Ransom’s advice to aspiring country artists? Fame should not be your end goal.

“The most important thing is the music and your connection with your audience. This is something I’ve had passed on to me and is probably the best piece of advice that I was given.” Ransom said.

Next on the agenda for this busy Aussie artist is another tour around Australia as well as many other exciting things in the works.

“We hope to head to the States either this year or early next year and I’ve already started writing and thinking about the next album,” Ransom said.

Catch Ben Ransom at the Country Rocks Festival Sydney on Saturday, March 3 at Bella Vista Farm from 10am to 11.30pm.

For more info and to grab your tickets now, head to www.countryrockssydney.com.au.

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