Plant of the Month

Common Name: Forest Phebalium or Scaly Phebalium

Botanical Name: Phelabium squamulosum spp. squamulosum

Family: Rutaceae

Height: 0.5 – 1.5m

Flowers: Pale yellow

Flowering Time: usually spring

Leaves: Underside with brownish scales

Meaning: Phebalium – from the Greek phibalee, meaning a kind of myrtle, squamulosum – Latin for scaly

Grows in heath and woodland on sandstone.

This one found in Sandstone Heath vegetation community in the north of the Shire.

You can learn more about The Hills’ native flora at The Hills Shire Council’s newest Bushcare group, Oxlade Reserve  Bushcare. The group will meet on the first Saturday of the month, starting on Saturday, August 4, 9am to noon.

If you would like to join, please contact the Bush Regeneration Officer Volunteer Works on (02) 9843 0108.

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